Hi! Rave Scripts will be doing a giveaway throughout July and August. The last giveaway I did was for $2,000 but I thought of a way to give more money away. Going forward, participants will subscribe to the contest for $9.99/month. The money from all the participants will be pooled together to give away for the prize. To participate in this giveaway, subscribe below, pay the subscription, wait to be emailed the magazine, read the script in the magazine and take the assessment that will be emailed to you on August 16th at 8 pm PST. After taking the assessment, send the answers back to [email protected]. The first person to get a perfect score after submission of the assessment wins and will receive $8,000+ (still growing). The winner will be announced via email August 17th at 2 pm PST. This contest will be held monthly for a chance to win the same prize.


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